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A stock is a type of security issued by an incorporated company which appoints ownership of the company in question to the stock holder. A holder of stock (a shareholder) has a claim to a part of the corporation’s assets and earnings and hence accepted as an owner of that company to the extent defined by the number of shares owned. The main goal when investing in stocks is to get rewarded on the back of the positive growth performance of the relevant company, though the opposite is also possible. This makes stocks risky but high yield products, since the company shares value vary depending on the performance of the company depending on the changing market conditions.

The two types of returns that can be attributed to stocks are:

  1. Capital gain: To buy a stock when it is lower in value and sell it later when it is appreciated.
  2. Dividend: Equal distribution of the company profit. Companies listed in the Stock Exchange are free to decide whether they would like to pay dividend or not.

Details of Stock Transaction Services Provided by Creditwest Bank Ltd:

  • We offer the purchase & sale of stocks listed under BIST 100, BIST 50 and BIST 30
  • Our Treasury and Private Banking Unit will assist customers interested in stock transactions
  • While stock purchses are enabled the same day, stock sales are effected after 2 working days
  • Instructions for purchase and sales will be processed taking into consideration our working hours.