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Gold Account

What is Creditwest Bank Gold Account?

Creditwest Bank is offering Gold Account to its customers who want to appraise their savings in gold. In ‘Gold Account’, your savings are appraised according to the gold standards in the international markets. In Current Gold Account, 24 karat gold is appraised in your account and you can cash out your gold any time you want and with best TL or foreign exchange rates. In deposit gold account, your savings are appraised safely in your bank account while providing you an interest income. Therefore, instead of storing at home, you can safely appraise your gold in your gold account.

Come to Creditwest Bank and appraise your savings in gold either by cashing out your gold or using your cash savings to invest in gold.

Advantages of Gold Account:

  • The customers have the advantage of earning money from the increase in the value of gold.
  • You can safely save gold in grams in your gold account without any risk of theft.
  • No risk of incidents where gold is considered as less density, low karat or aged.
  • No loss of value in dealing transactions.
  • Saving gold in your account on a monthly basis only with one instruction.
Deposit Rate%
6 Month Term 0.15
1 Year Term 0.20