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Gold Account

What is Creditwest Bank Gold Account?

Creditwest Bank is offering our customers the opportunity to invest in the gold market with a ‘Gold Account’. Your investment is appraised according to the gold standards in the international markets.

With the Gold Current Account, 24 karat gold is appraised in your account, and you have the option to cash out your gold at any time , with the best TL or foreign exchange rates. The minimum investment in the gold current account is 1 gram at a time.

With the Gold Deposit Account, your savings are appraised in your bank account whilst also earning interest. The minimum investment in the gold current account is 1 kilogram at a time.

Advantages of Gold Account:

  • Benfit by earning money from the increase in the value of gold.
  • No loss of value in dealing transactions.
  • Invest in the gold market without the need to physically purchase the gold.
  • No account fees.
  • Set up a standing order to allow a regular investment in gold, deposited into your gold savings account.
Deposit Rate%
6 Month Term 0.15
1 Year Term 0.20