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Non-Cash Loan

A loan that is provided in the form of a guarantee or a written commitment by the bank addressing the third party, which ensures that an entity who promises to get a job done, to deliver a product or to pay up a debt will do so fully complying with the conditions agreed thereupon or will pay the loan amount in full when it is due.

Letter of Guarantee

It is a guarantee letter issued by the bank, which guarantees the undertaking of the debtor’s obligations to the creditor

Letter of Credit

A letter of credit is a document prepared by a bank, ensuring payment to a seller of goods provided that certain documents have been presented to the bank. These documents are a proof that the seller has performed the duties under an underlying contract and the goods have been provided as agreed.

Non-cash Cheque Limit

A document issued by the bank specifying a non-cash cheque limit to a customer in order to provide a cheque book with a specific number of pages depending on the limit assigned.


If the transactions are not undertaken or the payment is not made in due time as stated in the Letter of Guarantee, the bank is under obligation to pay the amount stated in the Letter of Guarantee upon submission of a written request by the third party. The bank becomes creditor for the amount paid and for the costs.

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