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Meet the renewed Local Pay!

You don’t need your wallet anymore! Enjoy quick, easy and secure shopping with our Local Pay
Discover the privileged world of our renewed application and enjoy mobile payments..

What is Local Pay?

Local Pay is the customized mobile payment system of Creditwest.
With the Local Pay application that you download to your smartphone, you can make payments by
defining all your bank credit cards to Local Pay or using any of your accounts, you can view your
past payments, you can follow and benefit from the current campaigns of the member merchants, and
view the member merchants which are located close to you from the list of companies.
In Local Pay, you can send money to another Local Pay user to be used in the Local Pay application
with the top-up money feature from your card or account.
In addition, you can top-up money from the card to Local Pay without defining your card, and you can
spend the top-up money whenever and wherever you want.
At the same time, you can see the current balance of the account you have selected, and if there is
not enough balance, you can make your payment quickly and easily by selecting another account or the
credit card you have defined.

Apply instant installments to your purchases with Local Pay!
It is now possible to apply installments to purchases made with your CARDPLUS credit card with Local Pay at
the time of payment. All you have to do is make your purchase, choose the installment amount at the time of
payment and confirm the payment. Discover our App right now!
Moreover, you can earn points as you spend with Local Pay.

How to download?

You can download Local Pay application from Appstore or Playstore.

  • Even if you are no longer our customer, you can still use our Local Pay application. All you have to
    do is to download the application to your smartphone; click “Register” on the screen that opens and
    complete your login steps with the information requested from you.
  • If you are our customer; after downloading the application, complete your login steps with your
    customer number and mobile phone already registered in the system.

How to Upload the Card:

You, our dear customer, will be able to make payments to our member merchants by using your credit card via
the Local Pay application, even if you don’t have your credit card with you. In order to do this, you just
need to add your credit cards (from any bank) to Local Pay from the “My Cards” menu.

What is Top-Up Money ?

Topping- up money for myself
  • With this feature, you can make payments by topping up money from your account, Local Pay points or
    credit cards. Topping- up will add no additional charges on your card and only the amount you top-up
    will be deposited into the Local Pay application from the card balance. You can view your top-up
    balances from ‘My top-up points’ under “My Balances” menu in the application. Therefore, if you
    wish, you can top-up without saving your credit card information into the application.
Topping- up money to someone else
  • If you wish, you can send money to another Local Pay user from your own bank account, credit card or Local Pay points. You just enter the Local Pay number of the user you are sending the money to. Topping- up money to someone else will add no additional charges on your card and only the amount you top-up will be deposited into the Local Pay application from the card balance. You and the person you top-up can view this transaction as ‘My top-up points’ under the “My Balances” menu in Local Pay.

What is Digital Limit?

Don’t worry if you run out of money!
Local Pay is a type of limited account designed to enable easier and faster payments for you. To benefit from Digital Limit just click on the banner which is in your internet or mobile banking.
With Digital Limit, the problem of insufficient funds comes to an end!
Spending without waiting for the beginning of the month is now possible!
Payment day for the limit you use is the end of the month and you can benefit from the Digital Limit by paying the 20% minimum payment amount before the last payment date.

How to apply to the Digital Limit easily?

To start enjoying the benefits of the digital limit now, you can drop by the nearest Creditwest Branch to file your application.
Documents required for application:
  • ID card photocopy
  • A statement of income or a sealed bank statement/ letter indicating a regular salary
  • Residence certificate or electricity or water bill registered to the name
  • You can benefit from Digital Limit by providing a blocked deposit amount

How to apply to the Digital Limit easily?

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