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  • Dual Currency Deposit is a structured product which is composed of a time deposit, and a currency option.
  • A currency option is a risky derivative product that allows a customer to make a prediction about the future price of two currencies, relative to each other. An option contract stating the predicted price level (strike price), for a specific investment amount and a maturity date is sold to the bank by the customer in exchange for a premium payment.
  • Due to the option component, this product offers extra yield in the amount of option premium, on top of the interest earned on a time deposit, provided that all goes well with the prediction made via the currency option. However, the investor must be ready to accept higher risks, which may be the case if the prediction made around the pricing level of the two currencies is unfavourable. In this instance, the customer should be ready to withdraw a deposit amount, less than the amount initially invested, and in the opposite currency, by the end of the DCD period.