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Noble Card

NOBLE CARD for a privileged world

  • Noble Card comes with privileges and conveniences that brings you distinctive and exquisite offerings with your evolving lifestyle needs. Noble Card, which is customized by Creditwest Bank for its valued private banking customers, opens the doors of a privileged life for you.
  • Noble Card, functions as a Master Card and can also be used as a Debit Card.
  • Fast payment opportunity with the contactless card feature.
  • In case of lost, broken or corrupted chip/card, re-issuing of the card will be free of charge for Noble Card holders.
  • Free parking for 1 day at ‘Pay Airport’, the parking area of Cardplus at Ercan Airport.
  • Instalment opportunities in advance payments in case of given instructions before the cut-off date.
  • Special instalment opportunities for Noble Card holders for purchasing transactions in other countries up to 36 months.
  • Provision of e-statement of your Noble Card.
  • Noble Card holders may get as much as additional cards as they want and set their limits free of charge.
  • Shopping and buying flight tickets with your earned points.
  • Cash withdrawal opportunity with a higher limit for Noble Cardholders (Maximum 20,000TL)
  • Private banking service for Noble Card holders, as well as special discount on the Bank’s products and services.
  • Cash withdrawal, credit card payment and money transfer opportunities from Cardplus ATMs, which is the largest ATM network.

To Get a Creditwest Noble Card

  • In order to get a Noble Card you must be a Creditwest Bank private banking customer.

Fill out the application form or just visit our nearest branch.

  • Even if you are not a TRNC citizen, you can still have a Creditwest Noble Card by providing a blocked deposit amount as much as your card limit. By this way, you can benefit from the interest income and Creditwest Noble Card advantages without providing any other guarantees.
  • In order to have TAV passport card, Noble Cardholders must be Creditwest Bank private banking customers.

For your Security

  • Do not share your card and/or your password with anyone.
  • Do not write your password on your card or on something that you keep in your wallet.
  • If your relatives want to benefit from the advantages of your card, you must get an additional card and set its limit yourself, as giving your card to any other person is considered as an offence. The original cardholder can get up to 99 additional cards.
  • The first thing you should do when you receive your card is to create your passwords and sign the authorized signature part on the back side of the card.
  • Do not share your card number, expiration date and the last three digits (CV2 – International security code) on the back side of the card.
  • If your card is retained at the ATM, contact your branch immediately or call 4445000.
  • Choose System Security Licence, Global sign and 128 bit certified companies for Internet and mobile-shopping.

Keep the recent fraud cases in your mind and do not give any information to those who ask your credit card information by giving you any reason.