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Noble Card

NOBLE CARD for a privileged world

  • The Noble Card has been customised by Creditwest Bank, especially for its valued Private Banking Customers. Enjoy special privileges and benefits when you shop with your Noble Card
  • Noble Card, functions as both a Master Card Credit card and can also be used as a Debit Card.
  • Contactless Payment Facility
  • In the case of a lost, stolen, broken or corrupted chip/card, the Noble Card will be re-issued free of charge
  • Instalments available if payment instructions are received before the cut-off date.
  • Special instalment opportunities for up to 36 months for Noble Card holders when using their card abroad
  • Provision of e-statement for your Noble Card.
  • Noble Card holders may add additional card holders and determine their limit free of charge.
  • Shop in store or buy flight tickets via an agent with your earned points.
  • Minimum card limit 20,000TL
  • Cash withdrawal opportunity with a higher limit for Noble Cardholders (Maximum 20,000TL)
  • Private banking service for Noble Card holders, as well as special discount on the Bank’s products and services.
  • Cash withdrawal, credit card payment and money transfer opportunities from Cardplus ATMs, which is the largest ATM network in North Cyprus

How to apply for a Creditwest Noble Card

  • In order to get a Noble Card you must be a Creditwest Bank private banking customer.
  • Even if you are not a TRNC citizen, you can still apply for a Creditwest Noble Card by providing a blocked deposit amount against your card limit. This deposit will be held in a savings account so you will benefit from both the interest income and the Creditwest Noble Card advantages

For your Security

  • Do not share your card and/or your password with anyone.
  • Do not write your password down.
  • If you would like your friends or relatives to benefit from the advantages of your card, you should order an additional card and agree a preset limit. You can add up to 99 additional cards. Giving your card to any other person is considered an offence.
  • To activate your card you will need to create a 4 digit PIN number. This should not be shared with anyone, including bank personel. You should also sign on the back of your new card
  • Do not share your card number, expiration date or the CVV code ( last three digits located on the back of the card)
  • If your card is retained at the ATM, contact your branch immediately or call 4445000.
  • Lost or stolen cards may also be reported via West Notifier mobile banking application.