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Meet with Creditwest Local Pay and make payments easily via your mobile phone!

Enjoy fast, easy and secure shopping with Local Pay, even if you don’t have cash or credit card with you!

What is Local Pay Application?

Local Pay is a new generation mobile payment method customized for you by Creditwest. You can download Local Pay application to your smartphone and make payments via any of your debit accounts and check your past payments. In addition, you can monitor the current balance of the account you choose and in case of insufficient balance, you can choose another account to make your payment fast and easily. With Local Pay, you earn points when you make payments from your accounts.

How to download?

  • Use the App Store or Playstore to download Local Pay application.

How to Log in?

  • After downloading Local Pay application, enter your customer number and mobile number registered in the system.
  • After entering the one-time password sent to your smartphone, set up your own personal password using the 4-digit password sent to your e-mail address.

How to Use it?

  • By using your smart phone, read the CR code of the enterprise at the payment point and select the enterprise listed in the list according to the location.
  • Enter the payment amount.
  • Enter your Local Pay password and complete your payment.


Enjoy fast, easy and secure shopping with Local Pay, even if you don’t have cash or credit card!

What is Digital Limit?

Don’t worry if you run out of money!

Local Pay is a type of limited account designed to enable easier and faster payments for you. To benefit from Digital Limit just click on the banner which is in your internet or mobile banking.

With Digital Limit, the problem of insufficient funds comes to an end!

Spending without waiting for the beginning of the month is now possible!

Payment day for the limit you use is the end of the month and you can benefit from the Digital Limit by paying the 20% minimum payment amount before the last payment date.

How to apply to the Digital Limit easily?

We are delighted to offer our customers 2000 TL Digital Limit without any additional charges. To take advantage of this limit quickly and easily, just click and confirm on the banner on your internet banking, or mobile banking home page.  Your Digital Limit can be used instantly.

Or you may also apply at your nearest branch.

  • ID card photocopy
  • A statement of income or a sealed bank statement/ letter indicating a regular salary
  • Residence certificate or electricity or water bill registered to the name
  • You can benefit from Digital Limit by providing a blocked deposit amount

How to use?

Download Now:

Local Pay is a next generation payment method offered specially to you by Creditwest.

Our app is immediate, easy to use and reliable for making on spot or distant payment for your purchases.

You can track payments on the go and cancel faulty payments.

You can see the history of all your previous payments and also send them to your email address.

You can create and manage users by adding your employees.

In addition, you can announce your discounts for free on our app.

Whilst your payments are transfered to your account; there will be a lot of time left for your other tasks.

While you are using the Local Pay app, your data connection is on us!

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