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Silver Account

What is Creditwest Bank Silver Account?

Creditwest Bank is honored to expand its product range with the new Silver account product which offers a perfect opportunity for you to diversify your investment portfolio in a secure way. Recently being admitted as one of the safe haven precious metals, Silver emerges as a promising investment product. You can easily open a Silver current account at one of our branches and buy/sell silver of 99.9/100 purity into your account at a branch or via internet banking/west notifier/mobile banking. You will also be able to monitor the internationally published silver prices updated regularly on our website and to carry out your silver transaction 24/7 though our online channels.

Advantages of Silver Account:

  • A safe haven asset to diversify investment portfolio
  • Opportunity to monitor silver prices and to execute silver transactions 24/7 through internet banking/west notifier/mobile banking
  • Being a promising precious metal going into the future, any rise in the value of silver will ensure appreciated savings
  • Opportunity to submit a standing order to allow periodic purchase of silver into your silver account.