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CWFX Exchange Spot Trading Platform

CWFX FX Spot Trading Platform is a platform that enables customers to make instant exchange transactions online on the world market without requiring any telephone and/or written instruction.

This platform enables very fast transactions without any prior instructions.

Exchange rates are updated instantly with the Executable Price Streaming (EPS) feature of the platform. Therefore, customers can make exchange transactions at the moment they see the selling rates.

Advantages of CWFX Exchange Spot Trading:

  • Instant exchange transactions with profitable market exchange rates
  • Instant transactions without any written instruction
  • Automatic buying and selling transactions with pre-order feature when the exchange rate reaches at the level you want, even if you are not online!
  • User-friendly design, easy access from anywhere with an internet access.

How to install the program?

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1-In order to complete the program installation, you must get your username/password by applying to Creditwest Bank Private Banking Department.

2-Users must have current accounts at Creditwest Bank in all foreign currencies in order to login this platform.

3- After the installation of the PC / Laptop platform, exchange transactions can easily be done via internet access.


To get information on and apply for CWFX Program;

Duyal Eresen

Treasury and Private Banking
Telephone: 0392 444 93 78 / 1148 GSM: 0533 869 6000

İbrahim Özcoşar

Treasury and Private Banking
Telephone: 0392 444 93 78 / 1146 GMS:0533 850 8006

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