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Creditwest Bank Ltd. uses it’s global network to allow you carry out transactions in internationally accessed Eurobond market.

If you are willing to invest in EUR or USD and you don’t mind opting for a long-term investment product, then Eurobond might be the right solution for you.

Eurobonds are denominated by either governments or companies/corporates in a currency (mainly in EUR or USD) other than the home currency of the country in which it is issued. Although maturity of eurobonds ranges from 5-30 years at issue, due to high liquidity in secondary markets one can easily liquidate the eurobond at hand at time of their choosing. Transactions in the secondary market takes 3 days to be effected.

While typical USD Eurobonds ensure semi annual fixed coupon payments in USD, EUR Eurobonds usually provide annual fixed coupon payment in EUR. Though not in majority, there also exist Eurobonds with floating coupon Payments.