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FLX Account

‘The most flexible account in Cyprus’

FLX account, a time deposit account, which allows our clients to have their balances converted switched from one currency to another before the maturity of their account. Clients holding such accounts will both benefit from interest accrued and  also from the currency appreciation to achieve the highest possible gain on their funds.

  • Suitable for individuals and companies who daily follow the financial markets for exchange and interest rates.
  • The base currency can be changed any time during the term.
  • No loss of money or charge is incurred as a result of such conversion.

How it works

  • Account can be opened as TRY or Foreign Currency(USD, GBP,EUR)
  • Term a FLX account can be a  minimum of  6 months.
  • Minimum balance should be 100.000 TL or equivalent foreign currencies.
Deposit %TRY %USD %GBP %EUR
6 Months Term
1 Year Term

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