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Better Social Benefits

Because we value our personnel, Private Health Insurance is provided.


Better Social Benefits

Private Health Insurance

Because we value our personel Private Health Insurance is provided. All the inpatient treatments of our personel such as diagnosis,treatment,medical operations, simple treatments, laboratory tests and a lot of assurances in the scope of inpatient treatment is covered by Özel Grup sağlık Sigortası (Helth Insurance Company). There is a discount option for insurance to our personnel’s partners and children.

Salary Policy

Our personel is rewarded for their yearly work, once a year, in December with an extra wage.


Wages Policy

Wages in our bank is determined depending on

  • Our personnel’s educational status
  • Our personnel’s seniority years
  • Each position’s title and rating acquired by the job evaluation result
  • Average of each personal’s yearly average
  • Each personnel’s personal three-month target achievement rate
  • Our personnel’s position, in relation to the market value.

Our personel is rewarded for their yearly work, once a year, in December with an extra wage under the name of the 13th Wage.

Bonus System

Those of our personnel with better performance are rewarded by a flexible wage system.


grafikBonus System

Depending on the system of performance evaluation and by considering the rates of achieving personal and branch/department goals once every three months, the successfull employees are rewarded at the rate of value which the employees provide for our bank. By this system, the employees who show great performance are rewarded by flexible wage system because of making difference.


Our Personnel is rewarded because of the valuable contribution they made to our bank during their employment years.



Our Personnel is rewarded because of the valuable contribution they made to our bank during their employment years.

Career Plan

Personnel working in Creditwest Bank are given oppurtunity of both horizontal and vertical careers.


Career Plan

Creditwest Bank is given to Personnel  the opportunity of both horizontal and vertical careers.
If there is a need for personnel for a position, announcements are first published in the company then outside. Because it is considered that the best personnel are the one trained amongst us, the necessary basic features of the each position’s next steps are determined and these are known by the personnel.
Our aim in the career path; is not to determine the personnel’s position in a given time but to prepare an appropriate career path to each and every one of our personnel who will be able to successfully maintain the Creditwest Banks Corporation Culture.
We have a performance system in which, our personnel and managers come together twice a year and talk about and discuss the job evaluation results. Our performance system, depending on the targets, starts from senior management and descends to the lower levels.


Opportunities are provided to Creditwest personnel for discounted shopping.


The Advantages of Being a Creditwest personnel

We as Creditwest Bank, made agreements with many sectors and provided discount opportunities for our personnel and their families. Thus our personnel always feel the privileges of being a Creditwest employee. From tourism to health, private universities to restaurants, gift shops to toy shops to stationary shops, discount arrangements being established from all sectors and shops are increasing with each passing day.

Social Activities

At Creditwest we realise activities appropriate for all of our personnel’s life style and hobbies.


Motivation Club

Motivation Club is set up by Cerditwest Bank’s Human Resources Department aiming to improve the social life of the personnel by arranging cultural, sports and leisure activities.
By bringing fellow workers together outside of the working environment, our activities are establishing and helping to increase collective sharing and friendship, thus enabling working with team spirit and making our working environment more enjoyable.
Motivation Club is performing activities suitable to the lifestyle and hobbies of our personnel. Local trips, parties, photography and drama courses, events our personnel can take part in with their families, sports tournaments, plays, concerts and shows are all included in these activities.

Education Policy

Continuous education and development of our personnel is ensured.


Education Policy in Creditwest

Our personnel’s training and development is continuously provided.

As part of personal and occupational perfection, trainings under the headings compulsory and useful trainings are determined for each job and position in our bank. For those who joined us recently, a training programme called First Step is organized. In the case of a current personnel’s job change or advancement to a new position, it is ensured that they attended to a suitable training for their new assignment and title. The purpose of the trainings is to be more equipped with up to date information to deal with the constantly changing market conditions and by continuous training to be prepared with knowledge for every situation.

Job Application

First interviews are done by Human Resources Department



Experienced Candidates

Creditwest is trying to add to the family, specialized professional people, in the sector, in order to work with them and for these people, Perfection Based Interview Technique applications are performed.

Inexperienced Candidates

Creditwest wants to incorporate candidates, brought up with Creditwest Culture, open to innovation, positive, getting the job done with ambition and passion, believing that education continues throughout life, strong communication abilities and high self confidence, to give chances to these inexperienced candidates and to walk along this successful road with them.


Work environment

Since our employees are in the offices in most of their times, we show attention to



Since our employees are in the offices in most of their times, we show attention to offer them a work environment that is comfortable, easeful, modern and compatible to technology to make their business lives enjoyable.

Both our General Directorate and Branch offices are arranged for the purpose of the productivity of our employees and make our customers comfortable.