Internet Banking

West Notifier

West Notifier

The updated West Notifier banking application provides easier banking services along with a new modern design.

With West Notifier;

  • View your account balances, statements and account details, as well as receive instant notifications on account deposits and withdrawals.
  • Search and pay your corporate utility bills instantly and set up direct debit bill payments.
  • Receive notifications on the maturity date of your accounts and deposit accordingly.
  • Make local and international money transfers quickly and easily.
  • 24/7 money transfer,
  • Money transfer between your accounts,
  • Check exchange and interest rates, set up a currency rate alarm and receive a notification once your target exchange rate has been reached.
  • Thanks to the morning exchange rate notification, you can follow the current exchange rates by receiving notifications everyday.
  • View your credit card details and card statement. You may also pay the debt on your card, and any additional cards as well as viewing the transaction details too.
  • Report a lost or stolen credit card, and either suspend or cancel the card instantly.
  • View your loans, check your payment plans with just a click, receive notifications on your payment day and pay your installments instantly.
  • View your business accounts, and perform all your corporate banking requirements with speed and efficency.

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