Internet Banking



With the widespread use of the internet and other means of communication all around the world there is an obvious increase in cyber fraud.

Therefore, Internet users should be aware of some of the following security issues,

  • Do not trust and respond to questions regarding credit card number and personal information directed through fake web sites.
  • Do not share any personal information or bank account details over the phone.
  • Take necessary safety precautions against the possibility of social media accounts hacking.
  • Do not trust any bank official who would ask for your credit card number or bank account details with excuses such as social media accounts hacking, donation and/or helping someone in need.
  • Do not trust and respond to any program that would request a payment in order to remove viruses such as Trojan horse from your computer and unlock the documents locked with passwords as a result of these viruses.
  • Disregard any e-mail which appears to be sent by the bank officials requesting ID photocopy, bank account details or contact information under the name of providing loans
  • Do not trust and send loan application request to any e-mail address other than official e-mail address of the bank or the financial institution. Be vigilant for the fake e-mail addresses that are created on purpose very similar to the bank`s or the financial institution`s address.